Finding You in Yoga

Yoga is the oldest system of personal development in the world, encompassing body, mind and spirit. The practise of yoga can help to free you from life’s sorrows and from the diseases and fluctuations of the mind.It is about coming back to yourself, finding your limits, expanding your boundaries and learning to truly relax in your body and mind.

Yoga gives you the ability to move from living in a body that is wound up, twisted and bound tight to living in a body that is open, flexible and free. This has a direct effect on the consciousness, allowing you to move from stress to de-stress, depression to lightness and anxiousness to calm.

Yoga has recently emerged as a path of natural recovery and healing from anxiety and depression. By opening the body with yoga postures and breath, we increase the energy flow and life force that is critical for healing and unlocking trapped emotions. Yoga stimulates the glands, organs and brain with freshly oxygenated blood, bringing the chemicals of the body back into balance naturally without using drugs.

In 1987, the introduction of Prozac helped millions of people all over the world find relief from the crippling symptoms of depression. This type of drug helps to balance the brain chemistry by using serotonin reuptake inhibitors; however, they also come with many side effects including nausea, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, insomnia and lethargy.

Yoga has been shown to produce similar results as antidepressants without any side effects. Certain yoga postures stimulate the endocrine system to produce serotonin, while other postures normalise over-functioning of the hormones and help to maintain balance in the endocrine system.

Yoga is meditation in motion. The physical part of yoga, stretching, lengthening and holding in postures, requires focus and can be quite strenuous, allowing you to have a full awareness of your body. It is this awareness that draws the mind back to the present moment.

Research has proven that by living more in the present moment we can be free of negative mind states, manage stress better, improve relationships and have happier and more stable lives. The breath is what joins the mind and body and is an essential ingredient to connecting the conscious mind to the unconscious mind.

The human body exists only in the present moment, unlike the mind, which tends to drift off into the past and future. Drifting into the past can drag up memories and give a feeling of longing or emptiness. Drifting into the future can create anxiety for the things we do not have or tasks or projects we need to get done.

The power is in the now; the past and the future hold no power


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