Snacks On the Go!!!!

Wheat , gluten and sugar free snacks are an excellent way to maintain stable blood sugar levels, stop the hunger pangs and manage your mood. One of the the biggest objections I come across with my clients is that they don’t have time to maintain a healthy eating plan. It’s all in the planning; use this great tip for snacks on the go……


Fruit and Nut Combos

Fruit and Nut Combos are great snacks on the go, while travelling, at work or out and about. 

Store in a small airtight container that has a divider. Keeping nuts and fruit or vegetables separate will ensure your nuts and seeds stay crunchy. 

Try these delicious combinations: 

  • Cherries, almonds, cashews
  • Blueberries, pumpkin seeds, walnuts
  • Walnuts, sliced apple, sliced celery
  • Pecan nuts, sliced nectarine, pistachios
  • Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, grapes
  • Blueberries, strawberries, pecan nuts

No excuses!!!!

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6 Responses to Snacks On the Go!!!!

  1. Kama says:

    I always have a little tub of mixed nuts and rasins on me, stops me from eating junk food if I get hungry while out.

  2. Kylie says:

    Hi Tracey – love your tips! At the moment I am working through the hazelnuts leftover from Christmas and frozen grapes – yummy cold and crunchy combo 🙂
    x Kylie

    • tracey says:

      Hi Kylie, thank you for the great tip on the frozen grapes. What a good idea, the crunch really does make it more fun

      regards tracey

  3. These are some great snacks to keep you going the healthy way! My favourite would be the Bluberries, pumpkin seeds and walnuts.

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