Wheat, Gluten and Sugar Free Dessert!!!

We rarely have dessert in our home, however when we have guests for dinner I always feel obliged to offer something for dessert. I refuse to serve dishes that are full of wheat, gluten and sugar and I believe in no fuss, healthy food preparation.

The Mini Fruit and Cheese Platter is one of my favourites and I have my husband to thank for this idea. I used to always serve a large platter in the middle of the table which contained a few different types of cheeses, some nuts and an array of fresh fruit and  rice crackers for everyone to help themselves.

My husband, god love him has a few problems with portion control when it comes to cheese. I decided things had to change and so evolved the Mini Fruit and Cheese Platter.

Dinner guests are always impressed with their individual serving which looks very quaint served on a small plate and it stops my husband over indulging.

Dinner Party Mini Cheese Platter

  • 1 small bunch grapes
  • 6 whole cherries
  • 20g Feta cheese
  • 20g Cheddar Cheese
  • 20g Swiss Cheese
  • 6 small rice crackers
  • 6 pecan nut halves


Snack Sized Mini Cheese Platters

Serves 1 

Serve a mini cheese platter as a snack between meals, a dessert or in a lunch box for work. 

Try these combinations: 

  • 1 sliced celery stick, 1 sliced small carrot, 30g cheddar cheese, 10 almonds
  • 1 quartered fig, 10 pecan nuts, 30g feta cheese
  • 1 sliced apple, 30g cheddar cheese, 10 almonds
  • 10 grapes, 30g cheddar cheese, 6 small rice crackers
  • 1 sliced kiwifruit, 30g goat’s cheese, 5 pecan nuts, 5 almonds
  • 30g Swiss cheese, 5 snow peas, 5 sugar snaps peas, 10 pecan nuts

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  1. Madonna says:

    That’s a good idea having individual servings for a cheese platter.

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