Fear is false evidence appearing real

Fear is the cause of procrastination

Fear stands between us and our ability to make decisions, to take action and to ask for we want in life

As humans we have difficulty remaining in the present moment and our fear is usually based on something that isn’t happening now, something that might happen

So is our fear only a thought?

If it hasn’t happened yet; then it would have to be wouldn’t it?

Does this mean we are merely afraid of our own thoughts?

Some of the things you may fear are

FEAR OF BEING JUDGED – which comes from needing approval from family, friends; even strangers. This fear is based on us not believing in ourselves so we look for someone else who will.

FEAR OF REJECTION – comes from ultimately feeling we will be rejected anyway and we often get in first and reject people to avoid being hurt. This fear can also make a person obsessive or “clingy” causing their relationships to deteriorate by suffocating the other person.

FEAR OF EMBARESSMENT – we fear that people will realise we’re not the person we hold ourselves to be. Embarrassment exposes us and reveals our insecurities. It can hold us back from meeting new people and trying new things.

FEAR OF BEING ABANDONED – can cause us to jump from one relationship to another because we are fearful of being alone. We are fearful of our company.

FEAR OF FAILURE – is one of the strongest forces holding people back from achieving their goals and dreams. If we never dare to fail we will never reach the level of success we are capable of

FEAR OF SUCCESS – is usually an unconscious fear which comes about again from not believing in ourselves. We fear that there may be more responsibility, more attention and more pressure to perform than we are ready for

FEAR OF FEELINGS – we are scared to say what we really mean. When we don’t express our true feelings they can often come out in a destructive way through anger or illness

FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN – can be paralyzing and keep us trapped in life never experiencing personal growth and opportunity. We need to make the unfamiliar feel familiar so we can move forward

FEAR OF NOT BEING GOOD ENOUGH – is the root of all fears. It is a fear of comparison and competition in that we are always comparing ourselves to others. It is often the comparison about what we “know” about ourselves and what we “believe” about the other person. We tend to gather all the negative attributes of ourselves and compare them with all the positive attributes of the other person

All of us have fears and sometimes just looking at them as we have done today creates an awareness of what is holding us back.

Fear is natural but it is only a thought.

Don’t allow fear to hold you back from living the life you deserve.

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is very empowering and a great way to build self esteem. Go for it!!!!

and remember “What other people think about you is none of your business” Michael J Fox




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2 Responses to FEAR – 3 days to WORLD HAPPY DAY

  1. Madonna says:

    Tracey, I never knew where that statement came from about what other people thought of you. I love that statement. It’s amazing how many things we fear.

    Not fond of feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Obviously a wimp in that area. Glad I found tapping. I’d be in a bad place without it, because I wouldn’t have moved on much.


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