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The brain is just like any other muscle or organ in the body; it needs to be nourished and exercised in order to function optimally. It becomes stronger through use and weaker through disuse. A healthy mind is one that is constantly exposed to new challenges and adventures. When your mind is healthy you think faster, understand concepts more easily, prevent brain disease and most importantly, feel good about your life and who you are.

An unhealthy mind is one that does not receive enough stimulation. It is not encouraged to think and grow and becomes stagnant. This can lead to an inability to concentrate, a reduction in overall intelligence, low self esteem, possible brain diseases and also depression.

Personal development is a great way to continuously stimulate the brain. It allows you to explore who you are, where you are in life, where you want to go and how to get there. It allows you to stand apart from yourself and explore your thoughts, motives, actions and behaviours.

Through personal development you learn to implement change by tapping into your intuition and inner wisdom. You also learn to communicate more effectively and develop a set of tools to use in any negative situations that come up.

There is no better person to share with you how to do this than Karen Clarke from Powerful Positive People. Karen is a Performance and Confidence Coach and her passion is to help people achieve powerful, positive and lasting change through NLP and TimeLine Therapy. Join Karen on our Free Happy Mind Teleseminar Series where she shares her secrets with us. To register go to

Don’t worry if you are at work while the calls are on as they will be on a replay for 10 days after each live call.

I hope you can join us!!!




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