Wheat and Sugar makes you Fat, but is it also making you Crazy?

It has been well documented in many nutritional and medical journals that wheat, gluten and sugar based products cause us to put on weight, but did you know that these foods are also responsible for dramatic mood swings and depression?

Dr Sherry A Rogers writes “In the 26 years I have been in medicine, if I had to choose the number one food that has caused the most depression, it would be sugar. The second most common food to cause depression is wheat”.

According to a study from the University College London UK, people who eat a diet high in processed foods have a 58% higher risk of depression than those who eat foods that have had no human interference. Research has uncovered a link between depression and being overweight, but which comes first?  Does depression lead to obesity or does obesity lead to depression?

On Monday we are very privileged to have the expertise of Naturopath Sarah Berry from Ultra Lite Weight and Health Management Programs to share with us the specifics of why these foods in particular affect our weight and even more importantly our moods and mental health.

To be part of this educational experience please join us on the Happy Mind Tele-seminar Series. http://www.happymindformula.com/teleseminar/

This is an opportunity to understand that eating well is not just about losing weight, it can change you life.


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2 Responses to Wheat and Sugar makes you Fat, but is it also making you Crazy?

  1. What a valuable read thank you for that. Always new sugar was an issue however I never connected wheat with that…

    • tracey says:

      Hi Helen, when wheat based products are not used by the body for energy they are converted to sugar. Wheat and sugar make up simple carbohydrates which interfere with our blood sugar levels. Gluten which is the protein in wheat can stop us absorbing nutrients and is difficult to digest. Undigested it can ferment in the gut causing a chemical reaction in the brain affecting serotonin levels. All of us will feel a whole lot better without these foods in out diet


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