Self Esteem Check In

Self esteem means so much more than a high sense of self. It is recognition that you are worthy and deserve to be happy and successful. It means you have confidence in your ability to think and to cope with challenges in life.

Take the self esteem Questionnaire from Marilyn J Sorenson to check your level of self esteem.


If your self esteem is low to moderate there is no need for concern. Self esteem is a motivator that inspires behaviour and behaviour in turn inspires self esteem.This continuous feedback loop between the way you act and your level of self esteem means that you have the power within you to change. At any time in your life, you can begin the process of a new way of being.

If you are not satisfied with the way you think and feel, you can change your beliefs and the actions you take to create a better outcome. The skills you learned as a child are only a starting point. As an adult you can now choose to improve your mind and take your life in the direction you desire.

When you take the time to change yourself and the way you react to others, your relationships and self esteem also improve. You become aware of a deeper and more meaningful connection with other people and the world around you.

My Ten Top Tips to Build Self Esteem

Self respect – you must respect yourself before others will respect you

Eat to be healthy not to be skinny – when you adopt this attitude to food you will find it easier to maintain a healthy weight for you

Love the skin you’re in –  it is only the packaging carrying around the real you

Fun – have fun, do something that makes you feel good every day

Exercise to release happy hormones and empower yourself

Smile at a stranger; just because you can

Trust yourself – seek approval internally rather than externally

Embrace a challenge – feel the fear and do it anyway

Embrace learning – learn something new every day

Make a difference to someone else’s life no matter how large or small each and every day



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8 Responses to Self Esteem Check In

  1. Kama says:

    Great post Tracey. I love your self esteem tips.

  2. Love it, you are speaking my language. Thankyou for the great reminders xo

    • tracey says:

      Hi Ceinie, my pleasure. Writing the blog was a good reminder for me too. It is so easy to slip back into our old habits and patterns.

      regards Tracey

  3. Hi Tracey, what a great article, love the self esteem questionnaire, thanks for sharing that! It’s very interesting to do that, and recognize some very obvious areas to work on. I love the hope you provided at the beginning by stating that there’s no need to worry if we are in mild to moderate on the scale. I fell into the moderately low (by 1 point), but I can see immediately where I can improve my score. It’s just a small shift. I really appreciate you highlighting that, so I can make the change through awareness straight away.

    • tracey says:

      Hi Krishna, you hit the nail right on the head. It is the awareness that is the key. Sometimes we get stuck in life or we fall back into our old patterns. It is great to have a little “check in” every now again. This “check in” allows us to have that AHA moment, make a few small adjustments and get back on track. Happiness is a journey and “checking in” allows us to make the necessary adjustments as our external world evolves and changes.

      best Wishes Tracey

  4. Jenni Parry says:

    The link for the questionnaire isn’t working for me.

    The two from the ten tips that i miss on are the eating to be healthy – i eat because i love the taste of the food, the way it melts in my mouth is divine. And second the hmmmm what was that word ummm i can’t remember what it is …….x…errrrrrrr…….s….i…..zzzzzzzzzz there is a glitch within me that creates a negative ongoing feeling from exercise. The muscle fatigue lasts for weeks.

    • tracey says:

      Hi Jenni, I just checked the questionnaire and it is working. Have another go and if you can’t download it let me know and I will email it to you. Making the change to eating healthy food can be daunting as we fear losing something that we love. It is the attachment to the initial high from the sugar rush that stops us moving forward. Healthy food, however does bring the taste buds alive in a way that awakens the whole body and mind.

      One of the tips I use with my coaching clients is to commit to the change 4 solid weeks and keep a food and mood diary.

      You will be amazed by the mental and physical benefits you receive. They will far outweigh that fleeting moment of the food melting in your mouth. You will have more energy, clarity in your thoughts, better moods and your skin, hair and eyes will glow.

      After 4 weeks of healthy eating; if you go back to old habits you will very quickly feel the negative side effects. Which is a good thing. It is these negative feelings and side effects that motivate you to stay on track.

      Maybe you haven’t found the exercise that is right for your body if you have long term muscle fatigue afterwards. Maybe consider something like Tai Chi or a more gentle type of yoga such as Viniyoga.Exercise does not have to be flat out. As long as we move each day.

      Best Wishes Tracey

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