How to Improve Your Coping Mechanisms?

Many things happen in life that catch you off guard and literally knock the wind out of your sails. It could be a marriage breakdown, loss of financial security, death of a loved one, problems with children, an accident or illness or ongoing stress. These events can destroy your emotional platform that once provided you with balance and security. You feel gutted, devastated or betrayed causing you to fall into the black hole of despair.

The black hole is a very frightening and debilitating place to be. You feel heavy, dark and anxious. Your thought patterns can be erratic and disconnected making it extremely difficult to make the decision to move forward from this place let alone know how.

You feel paralysed.

Rebuilding your emotional platform does not make the pain from these events go away, however it does help you to manage the pain or stress more efficiently. A strong emotional platform will also help you be better prepared in the future for more unexpected or stressful events.

Moving forward starts with awareness. It is important to “check in” with yourself and find out where you are right now, what needs to change and how to fit these changes into your lifestyle in order to get back into your life.

  1. Awareness of where you are – this is how you feel right now. Do you feel stripped of your emotional security, lost, betrayed, angry or perhaps disconnected from life and love?
  2. Awareness of what needs to change – this is where you own where you are right now and take responsibility for this place. You explore the resources available to you and have a clear understanding that only you can make these changes.
  3. Awareness of how to move forward – is where you identify the strategies that you need to implement and how to fit these strategies into your lifestyle and commit to create change. 


Top Ten tips to Rebuild your Emotional Platform

1.   Take 100% responsibility for your life – when you lay blame you give away your power making yourself redundant in your own life.

2.   Seek Help – if you feel that the trauma and emotions are bigger than you can handle then it is important to seek professional help. You will be amazed at how much lighter you will feel just by sharing your emotions and working through the pain.

3.   Move – Research shows that exercise can just as effective as medication in treating depression. Movement is a must; commit to some form of exercise for 30 minutes per day.

4.   Routine – is essential to moving forward from depression. Setting small achievable goals and structuring your day helps you to gain some control over your life.

5.    Meditation – Medical professionals all over the world are using meditation to treat depression. Quieten and reprogram the mind with positive thoughts in quiet contemplation for 10 minutes each.

6.   Yoga – unlocks trapped emotions in the body having a direct affect on the consciousness, allowing you to move from stress to de-stress, depression to lightness and anxiousness to calm. Research shows that Yoga is just as effective in treating depression as Prozac.

7.   Alcohol – is a depressant and using alcohol to treat depression is the equivalent of putting petrol on a fire to put it out. Eliminate alcohol altogether for best results.

8.   Diet – research shows that wheat, gluten and sugar affect the body and brain chemistry. Swap a diet high in simple carbohydrates for one that consists of lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.

9.   Set boundaries – lay down limits with people or commitments that are holding you back or causing you to feel overwhelmed. Create some space to work on your mental and physical wellbeing to rebuild your emotional platform.

10.       Personal development – swap your fictional books and magazines for personal development reading, DVDs or audios. Empower yourself with positive thoughts and information daily. Swap time in front of the television for time to work on your mental and physical wellbeing.



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