Healthy Breakfast for Busy People






Egg and Fruit Platter

Serves 1

This is a great breakfast for busy mornings as the boiled eggs can be cooked in bulk and the fruit can be pre-prepared and stored in airtight containers in the fridge. For additional versatility, this breakfast can also be packed into a lunch box for a breakfast on the go!

1.Boil two eggs

2.Cut boiled eggs into quarters

 3.Lay eggs and fruit of your choice onto a platter

4.Season eggs to taste with salt and pepper.


Try the following fruit combinations for your

Egg and Fruit Platter:

  •1 diced plum, 12 blueberries, 6 cherries

•1 diced nectarine, ½ cup diced mango, ½ cup diced pawpaw

•1 quartered fig, 1 quartered kiwi fruit, 8 grapes

 •½ sliced pear, ½ sliced apple, 1 diced apricot

 •½ cup diced pineapple, ½ cup diced paw paw, 1 halved passionfruit.

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