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 By 2020, depression is predicted to be one of the world’s largest health problems. Depression is described as a mental illness that changes a person’s thinking, feeling or behaviour and causes distress and difficulty in functioning. Some of the symptoms are low energy levels, low self esteem, erratic emotional states; changes in appetite and sleep patterns, reduced pain tolerance, reduced sex drive, poor concentration and memory, reduced motivation and capacity to experience pleasure.

Symptoms of Depression can appear as a response to learned behaviour, traumatic experiences, food intolerances, extended periods of stress, abuse of alcohol and drugs and low self esteem. “Depression is not a Prozac deficiency!” say Tracey “It is an SOS signal from within, an alert to listen your body and re-evaluate your life. Your mind and body is giving you clear feedback about your lifestyle and environment and alerting you that is time to make some real changes”                        

                                                      Top Ten Tips to Relieve Depression Naturally

1. Take 100% responsibility for your life – and take action to improve your mental and physical well being

2. Get Moving – Research shows that exercise can be just as effective as medication in treating depression – commit to 30 minutes per day.

3. Seek Help – with a Mental Health professional, Psychologist or NLP Practitioner to help you work through limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

4.  Meditate daily – Medical professionals all over the world are using meditation to treat depression. Meditate for 15 minutes twice per day

 5. Take up Yoga – Yoga unlocks trapped emotions in the body having a direct effect on the consciousness and has been shown to be just as effective in treating depression as Prozac

6. Eliminate Alcohol and Drugs– Alcohol is a depressant in itself and recreational drugs are designed to alter the mind, but when your mind is already confused and chaotic these drugs will exacerbate an already delicate mental state.

7. Re-evaluate Your Life– and find out what is important in your life. Are relying on material possessions, external events, and money to bring you happiness?

8. Clean up your Diet – Wheat, gluten and sugar affect the brain chemistry and blood sugar levels causing mood swings. Eat lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds to stabilise moods.

9. Set boundaries – lay down limits with people or commitments that are holding you back from achieving optimum mental and physical wellbeing.

10. Learn – swap your fictional books, gossip magazines and time in front of the TV for personal development reading, DVDs or audios.

If you would like more information contact tracey@happymindformula.com or 07 5444 1044 

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