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Sunshine Coast 5th October 2012                          Contact Tracey  tracey@happymindformula.com

Sunshine Coast Woman Begs Unhappy Locals To End Their Relationship With depression now ranked as one of the most common mental illnesses experienced by Australians, it is estimated by experts that 1 in 5 Australians will experience depression at some stage in their lives, and Sunshine Coast residents are not immune.

Whilst many people with depression seek help from medicos who are often too quick to prescribe potentially dangerous medication like Xanax, one local Sunshine Coast woman who herself suffered with anxiety and depression for most of her life, has found that the answer lies not in ‘taking’ something but in ‘giving it up’.

And what she found specifically was that it was her relationship with addictive foods such wheat, gluten and sugar was one of the root causes of her unhappiness, and now she is on a quest to educate others about going through the ‘food-based break up’.   And as with any relationship that ends, there’s always doubt it will be better on the other side, but Tracey Carmichael is living proof that there is!

“Whether you are depressed or not you will experience positive benefits from ‘breaking up’ with these foods and ditching them from your diet. Once the break up takes place, people will experience a lift in mood, increased energy levels, better sleep patterns, decreased anxiety, less bloating and decreased intestinal and weight loss problems” Says Tracey who is now 12 years into her ‘new’ relationship with food.

• A study from the University College London UK, found people who eat a diet in processed foods have a 58% higher risk of depression

• Dr Sherry Ann Rogers says “In the 26 years I have been in medicine, if I had to choose the number one food that has caused the most depression, it would be sugar. The second most common food to cause depression is wheat.”

• Melbourne University released a study showing that gluten and wheat based products caused addiction withdrawal symptoms for over 70% of the 200 people tested

• Wheat, gluten and sugar along with alcohol and caffeine have a direct affect on blood sugar levels resulting in Hypoglycaemia and dramatic mood swings – and most people have no idea

Hypoglycaemia is the dramatic spike and fall of blood sugar levels. During a hypoglycaemic episode the blood sugar levels skyrocket, causing a spike in serotonin our “happy hormone” and after a brief euphoric period sugar levels then crash; resulting in irritability, anxiety and depression. These highs and lows create a dangerous and addictive cycle.

Now in control of her depression, Tracey Carmichael founded the Happy Mind Formula on the Sunshine Coast as she believes local people needed to know this valuable information so they can take control of their own depression and get off addictive prescription drugs.

With over 15 years as a Natural Therapist and Weight loss consultant, Tracey now shares how eliminating these foods dramatically improved her mental health, and how anyone can do it too in her acclaimed book  “Happy Mind Formula”.

Tracey uses the book to educate people on not only the WHY, but the HOW to making this life changing step, end their relationship with damaging foods and come out the other side happier and healthier.  It even covers food lists, food to avoid and over 150 gluten and sugar free recipes and food combinations.

If you like more information on how foods make us sad and fat contact Tracey on  07 5444 1044




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