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The Happy Mind Movement

“It is not until ‘a certain thing’ comes into your life, that you can finally begin to see things a little more clearly… Tracey and her book was that ‘thing’ for me, showing me how to clearly lay out the pieces in front of me, finally guiding me to ‘step up and OWN IT’ once and for all.. 

Not at all a comforting gentle read, but if your ready to take your life to new heights, ridding yourself of confusion and doubt, then this book is for you.

Troy Devine – Managing Director – Devine International 

Tracey’s new book ‘The Happy Mind Movement; Wake up , Step up and Own It’ is, like Tracey, direct, no-nonsense, humorous at times, and underpinned with love. If you are looking for sympathy, a hankie, and a hot tea you won’t find it here. What you will find are logical, practical and easy to apply strategies that will undoubtedly push readers towards a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.  

If you searching for a straight-forward and manageable approach to physical, emotional and mental well-being, then look no further. Tracey’s book is a refreshing, motivating and interesting read.  

Karen Clarke – Author – From Bullied To Brilliant – NLP Trainer & Performance Coach 

“Tracey has written a great little no-nonsense guide to understanding and overcoming how anxiety and depression sometimes feature in our lives. By describing these problems as ‘states’ rather than illnesses, she cleverly positions anxiety and depression as outside ourselves, rather than intrinsically part of ourselves and in doing so, she gives us the power to overcome their negative hold on our lives. This book takes a look at lifestyle, attitudes, food, drugs, exercise, meditation, yoga  and therapeutic coaching techniques, to give you the tools to start living a meaningful, effective and satisfying life. 

Tracey walks her talk, and by courageously sharing insights into some of the toughest moments of her life, we see a window of opportunity to be the best version of ourselves. If you are sick of being sick, both physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually and if you are ready and willing to examine your negative self-talk, warped self-image and distorted world view, then allow this kick-arse approach to guide you onto a new and healthier path. If you think your life is someone else’s fault; forget it! Tracey’s book is a direct, honest and holistic guide to taking back your power and rebooting your life in a deeply compassionate and understanding way. Allow yourself to be coached out of the wilderness of your own negative belief systems, take a deep breath and prepare to wake up! step up! and own it!”

Suli Malet-Warden

Tracey Carmichael’s latest book, Happy Mind Movement: Wake up, Step up and Own it! takes the reader on a journey of hope and positivity. Tracey shares her personal story and that of a number of clients in her coaching practice on their various travels from the land of anxiety and depression to a happy and healthy place. This is a book of personal development, a book about change and growth, a book about seeking and embracing opportunity. Tracey brings her struggles and those of her clients alive on the page and I found myself right there with her on her journey from being bullied, battling weight issues, binge drinking and suffering perfectionism as a young mum with a severe skin disorder, to finally finding the secret to a happy mind and a healthy body. Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, Tracey tells her story in a light, up-beat, no-nonsense way. She speaks in an authentic voice, inviting the reader aboard the roller-coaster of her life from dysfunction to “happiness, confidence, health and vitality”- to use her words. And while there have been tears and despair, there are also laughs along the way. If you are looking for guidance or maybe some fresh ideas about mental and physical wellbeing outside pharmacology, go no further. Informed, personal, honest and to the point, this book will entertain and enlighten. It did me.

 Scott Clark – Author, investor, surfer, triathlete, meditator, yoga practitioner, recovering accountant and survivor.

‘The Happy Mind Movement does exactly what it says it will do, the book gives you a kick start to living the life you deserve. The book is simple to read, easy to follow, yet with the potential to change your life. Tracey has managed to collect a wealth of self-development tools and, without losing important information, condensed them in to easy to follow steps. Want to change your life but have no idea where to start? Then this is the book for you’ 

Kama Frankling – Confidence Coach, Author, and Photographer

Take Responsibility for your life – and so you should! This is the book for you. It’s a great easy read with loads of information to help you move forward and live your best life. Reading Tracey’s book has even made me re-evaluate my own life, which is always a good thing.

Rhonda Kauiers –  Empowerment Facilitator – Sacred Fig Wellness Retreats

I love Tracey’s book,  I truly love the way she has explained some of the simple steps you can put in place to change things so quickly AND permanently in your life. I recommend this book pretty much to anyone that is breathing, we can all benefit from the many pages of wisdom and easy to use tools. Especially anyone looking for help with getting their mind back on track.  Because we are human sometimes we can lose our way, this book seems to be a GET BACK ON TRACK QUICKLY book aimed at inspiring the reader to step up and step into the best version of themselves possible, who wouldn’t want that?

Vicki Magic – Journalist – Business Matters Magazine

 The opening statements of support really took my attention because we all have a story and Tracey’s book leads you through a journey of discovery.

  • No matter where you are now
  • No matter where you want to go
  • You will learn how you can change those ‘parts of you’ so that you can get there.

Tracey’s Happy Mind Movement book clearly has the ‘formula’ which is set out in chapters. I could pick any chapter without feeling overwhelm of needing to read the entire book. Each chapter shares how to implement something for yourself to create that change work, which I loved.

I was in ‘awe’ of Tracey’s knowledge and information that she shares for anxiety and depression and how particular ways of ‘being’ in your world leads towards keeping it alive AND THEN her strategies in each chapter to move forward. Taking action steps is her philosophy which are clearly mapped out in her book on what to do.

This book definitely supports YOUR change in an easy to read format with all the researched knowledge you need.

Tracey’s dedication to authenticity to support others is shown in this amazing book she has written.  Anyone who lives with anxiety or depression or knows someone that maybe suffering from anxiety or depression through noticing that they are eating for comfort or exercising to excess or drinking to cope; would be an awesome gift for them.

Sue Folley – Cause and Effect in Action – Diploma of Teaching, Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, EFT Practitioner

I am a down to earth practical woman and this book is written with a practicality that allows the reader to take action to achieve a result. Tracey’s book will help you identify what may be derailing you in life and give you those practical steps and that is priceless in today’s busy world. 

Jennifer Jefferies – Author and Naturopath

Anxiety and depression – is a growing problem world wide, with a spike not only visible amongst teenagers but also with mid-life women, however other segments of the community are also affected. Most have no idea how to deal with it in a healthy way.

Anxiety can make life very hard, but Tracey Carmichael makes it easier to recognise, understand, to manage, and to create a healing way forward. Through her coaching skills and now with this wonderfully practical and easy to read guidebook Tracey has unlocked and created a healthy plan to help others.

Tracey’s frank and open description of her early life dealing with anxiety will no doubt help and inspire others. Her writing is frank, clear, comprehensive, and offers a much-needed healthy pathway to those experiencing anxiety and depression.

Clearly Tracey shows compassion and knows how to help others which is why everyone could benefit by reading this excellent guidebook.

Diana Todd-Banks is a 3 time International Best Selling Author, Interviewer, Speaker and Life Change Coach and lives on the Gold Coast Queensland.

It is easy for us all to get caught up in our own thoughts and limiting beliefs. However, Tracey has put together in this book an easy to follow Map, giving direction for anyone ready to better their lives. Tracey’s use of personal experiences, coaching examples and thought provoking, step by step instructions for change will benefit anyone on their journey to a happy mind, body and soul. Everyone could benefit from this book especially those who have found themselves ‘stuck’ or ‘just going through the motions’, I highly recommend reading ‘The Happy Mind Movement, Wake up step up and own it’, It will give any reader guidance on how to take back control of their life.

Brian Borg – Myotherapist

When my friend Tracey asked me to proof read her book, I felt honoured to be asked as well admiring the fact that she had written a book. I did not have any idea of how talented a writer my friend was until I lost myself in her work. From page one I began to think the book was written just for me, her skill in connecting with the reader jumps off the pages. I learned something from each turn of page, I had many aha moments as well as refreshers of things I knew. By the end of the book I was feeling excited, empowered and ready to tackle the next minute of every day…. I would highly recommend this book to everyone and will be ordering many copies for my clients, friends and family it will transform, inform, change you, inspire you or just simply give you a feeling that you just read a really great book.

Alvia Turney – CEO – Act4Tomorrow Separation Specialists.