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Introducing The Happy Mind Movement

Finally, an action plan and no-nonsense approach to break the cycle of anxiety and depression to live a life of passion and purpose

Welcome and congratulations on taking the initiative to begin a new chapter in your life. I am assuming you are on this website because you are or at some stage in your life have been in a state of anxiety and/or depression.

My name is Tracey Carmichael, I am the author of The Happy Mind Movement and a big part of my life has also been spent in this state. I hated my life; I hated who I was and how I felt. I was plagued by anxiety, bouts of depression and low self-esteem. After years of struggling and a major melt down I took action to find ways to manage my emotions and live a happy life. 

The biggest lesson I learned on my journey was that I was the cause of most of my problems. It was when I took responsibility for my mental and physical health and took action to change the way I lived my life I achieved great results.

I now live by the philosophy “when I change; everything changes”

I am now excited to share what I discovered in this book so you too can find happiness, confidence, health and vitality.

The Happy Mind Movement is based on a holistic approach to food, movement and personal development to free you from the symptoms of anxiety and depression. I have found that long term mental and physical wellbeing is made up of lots of components that come together to create a dynamic formula.

The Happy Mind Movement is a no nonsense approach to getting you out of the problem and back into life. We look at where you are now, where you want to go and what needs to change to get you there.

This book has been written to give you a kick start to living the life you deserve.

Change and growth come from stepping up and owning the part you play in this life you have created. Until you take ownership you will stay stuck in your vortex of misery. The choice is yours.

It is time to wake up, step up and embrace this fabulous opportunity called LIFE. 

The Happy Mind Movement will help you to

  •    Let go of your story and make a decision to create a new story
  •    Master the changing of states through physiology, focus, language and meaning
  •    Become a Minimalist; by de-cluttering and getting rid of all the crap in your life
  •    Raise your serotonin levels through food and movement
  •    Balance the brain chemistry by getting off the booze and ditching the drugs
  •    Calm the mind through meditation and yoga
  •    Find your passion and purpose and never work another day in your life
  •    Release sabotaging behaviour and thinking through personal development and coaching.




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