A Mindset and Wellness Coach forms a relationship with you where the aim is to listen and focus only on you, your goals, dreams and desires in life, and how to help you to achieve them.

I am a solution based coach who will not allow you to stay stuck in your story or your problem. You have been there long enough. We spend very little time talking about the problem and a lot time finding a solution.

I work with you to support you in moving out of the problem and back into life by exploring strategies, beliefs and values that no longer serve you and replace them with more empowering ones. 


As your Happy Mind Coach it is my aim to understand all that you communicate by listening without judgement

  • not just to your words but what is behind them
  • what’s lying in the spaces between those words.
  • to how you show and express what you are really feeling
  • to the very best aspects of you, even when you can’t see them for yourself
  • to what you believe about yourself
  • to what you truly want in life

 One of my roles is to tell you the truth about

  • where you are strong
  • where you sell yourself short

But I will be there for you

  • when you have just made a mess of things
  • when you feel overwhelmed
  • when you have just had a great success

You will have a sacred space each month to break free of limiting beliefs, work through fears and self sabotage to create the life you deserve in the comfort of your own home via Skype or phone or in a one-on- one session at the Happy Mind Studio.

To book your free consultation email tracey@happymindformula.com

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Tracey is a mindset and wellness coach, author and qualified yoga teacher who has been in the wellness industry since 1997. Tracey is adept in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Strategic Intervention and Human Needs Psychology. She combines these therapies with the Happy Mind Formula to change brain chemistry, physiology, focus, language and meaning to shifting people from a state of anxiety and depression to a life of purpose and passion.