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Happy Mind Coaching Program
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  Happy Mind Coaching Program

It's time to wake up, step up and own it with the Happy Mind Coaching Program 

Coaching is about solution based thinking; shifting you “out of the problem “and into life. The Happy Mind Coaching Program techniques will eliminate limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviour, boost self-esteem and confidence, manage anxiety, control mood swings, improve sleep patterns, increase energy levels and help you to find your true purpose in life. Together we explore the Organic, Mental and Physical lifestyle changes required to balance brain chemistry and stabilise moods. Together we create a plan to fit these practical steps easily into your daily life and work on your conscious and unconscious mind to ensure that the new daily habits become your way of being. We look at “being” rather than “doing” to find your true purpose in life.  AND ........Through NLP and Time Line Therapy we address any limiting beliefs, negative emotions and thought and behavioural patterns that may be holding you back from living the life you desire. YOU are capable of achieving great things. We look at where you are now, where you want go and how to get there. Together we explore specific goals you may have; personal or business and create an action plan for you to execute.  We explore options to make this happen, address any challenges that may stop you from achieving your goals and find solutions to these challenges to move forward.       Program Inclusions  Free Consultation – In the free consultation I provide a safe space for you to share the problem; where you are at now, what needs to change and where you would like to go in life. When I have this information I can then share with you how the Happy Mind Coaching Program can help and support you to shift you out of this problem and back into living a full and happy life. This is purely an information session and opportunity see if this program is what you are looking for and if you connect and feel safe and comfortable working with me which is a very important factor in this type of work. Six one-on-one coaching sessions with Tracey in person or via skype- Your coaching sessions are designed to work one-on-one through Timeline Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Strategic Intervention and Human Needs Psychology to eliminate negative emotions and sabotaging limiting beliefs that have been stored in the unconscious mind since birth. When sabotaging thoughts and behaviours have been eliminated we then work together to elicit and fulfil your top 10 Values, elicit and fulfil your 6 Human Needs and smart goal set to create a compelling future and live a full and whole hearted life. Open email contact and support – You will have open email contact and support with me for the six-month coaching period. If you have problems in between the one-on-one coaching sessions; send me an email explaining the situation or event. If I can reply by email I will, however if I feel the situation needs a little more, I will arrange a time for you to call me and discuss the situation. I always have you back. Happy Mind Movement Book – Wake up, step up and own it – This book has been written to give you a kick start to live the life you deserve and as a bible in between our session together. The Happy Mind Movement will help you to 1.      Let go of your story and make a decision to  create a new story 2.      Master the changing of states through physiology, focus, language and meaning 3.      Become a Minimalist; by de-cluttering and getting rid of all the crap in your life 4.      Raise your serotonin levels through food and movement 5.      Balance the brain chemistry by getting off the booze and ditching the drugs 6.      Calm the mind through meditation and yoga 7.      Find your passion and purpose and never work another day in your life 8.      Release sabotaging behaviour and thinking through personal development and coaching.

From Bullied To Brilliant Book –  will change all your relationships for the better

From Bullied to Brilliant provides a radical new way to rapidly end the cycle of dominance and intimidation.  Those who have been bullied will learn how to rediscover their strength and purpose, and find hope and self-acceptance. Through actual case studies as well as the author’s personal reflections, this ground breaking book shares real life examples of bullying and intimidation, sheds light on how to understand the cause of bullying and importantly, how to end it, including:
  • Why bullies attack
  • The real problem – bullies and victims explained
  • Ending the pattern of bullying
  • Turning your pain into your greatest gain
  • 7 Steps to Peaceful Personal Power
Karen Clarke has a deep understanding of bullying and social isolation, both in her capacity as professional coach and her personal experiences of witnessing and experiencing bullying.  As the mother of three school-aged children, Karen understands the pressures families face when bullying becomes an issue. ’From Bullied to Brilliant’ helps parents, educators and victims of bullying understand how a change in thinking can end the bully-victim cycle. The answers lie within. Interviewing the Experts CD Series – DR Sandeep Gupta, Dr Stephen Eddie and Naturopath Sandra Berry educate and motivate you in between our one-on-one coaching sessions to understand the link between food and mood and how it can change your life. This is a great tool to play in your car while travelling to and from work or download to your ipod and use while exercising, 12 WEEK Meal Planner – an eBook has been created to make it easier for you to follow the Happy Mind Food Formula providing 12 weeks of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Details Notes – After each one-on-one coaching session with me I will provide to your inbox a detailed compilation of notes and learnings from our session providing you with a valuable reference for the future. On line coaching program – Each month you will receive 2 online personal development coaching modules to complete in between sessions.
  • Module one – How to balance your serotonin levels naturally
  • Module Two – Understanding the Scale of Consciousness
  • Module Three – How to take back your Personal Power
  • Module Four – Understanding Your Model of the World
  • Module Five – How to Break Free from Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Module Six – How to Elicit and Fulfil your Top Ten Values
  • Module Seven – Understanding the Six Human Needs
  • Module Eight – How to Stay in the Now
  • Module Nine – The Power of Practicing Gratitude
  • Module Ten – How to Create Space to Grow
  • Module Eleven – Finding True Purpose in Life
  • Module Twelve – Creating a Compelling Future
Happy Mind Coaching Program Cost Pay in Full $1995.00 Payment Plan Deposit $495.00 Five monthly payments $300.00  To book a free consultation with Tracey to find out more about how this program can help you send an email to                        

Price: $1,995.00 

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  2. […] have just finished reading Tracey Carmichael’s book titled “Happy Mind Formula – Your Action Plan To Mental And Physical Wellbeing”. If you are struggling with low moods, low energy and struggling with life each day Tracey’s […]